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Parts Gallery

We have all the parts to build your complete car.

Ordering parts can be half the hassle when restoring your classic car, Legendary GT eliminates that wait time with our large collection of parts. After many years of collecting, our founder Barry Smith, has a vast inventory of OEM and aftermarket Shelby parts. From engines and transmissions to small interior parts, Legendary GT is a one stop shop to build your perfect Shelby.


Whether it be a 428 Cobra Jet or a HiPo 289, all original or aftermarket, we have a wide variety of Shelby engines in inventory. One of these can be the new power-plant to your very own Shelby continuation vehicle.


Shelby vehicles have always had a history of great wheel designs. They stood out from the average Mustang wheel. They were sportier, lighter and all around better looking. Here at Legendary GT we have a large selection of original Shelby wheels for you to put on your new Shelby continuation car.

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